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SparcIt is an NSF-funded technology and creativity company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Based on over 50 years of psychological research, SparcIt has developed the first-ever automated platform to accurately assess and categorize an individual or teams' creative thinking abilities. Some are divergent thinkers and generate many ideas, other have the knack to focus on very original ones.

Employers can now measure and help enhance employees and teams' creative power through an easy to use online platform. They gain access to an accurate and versatile creativity quotient (CQ) to recruit and train employees, to form teams with appropriate, balanced skill sets. Increased engagement, improved retention, and enhanced leadership skills all result in a successful organization.

Development & Enhancement

Exercises proven to enhance the creative thinking ability

Analytics & Benchmark

In-depth analytics using metrics such as fluency, flexibility & originality

Testing & Assessment

Creative and divergent thinking assessments using semantic-based network

Technology & Engine

Psychometric automated engine designed to measure creative thinking ability

Fast, Accurate, Reliable

Accurate and reliable results in as low as 10 seconds

Enterprises & Universities

Clients in both enterprise and education sectors

Creativity Quotient (CQ)

Welcome to era of the highly innovative workforce.

Creativity is one of the most intangible assets in the business world. Yet, it is linked to necessary leadership and business skills such as problem solving, communication, and innovation.

Successful business leaders have learned that in order for their companies to excel, they need to innovate, develop and maintain exceptional talent, and create an attractive organizational culture to engage and develop their employees. After all, organizations are made by people.

What we do?

SparcIt is the pioneer on automated psychometric creativity assessment in the world. Today, such semantic-based creativity assessment is a manual and expensive process administered only by experts. SparcIt was able to reduce the time-consuming and labor-intensive process down to seconds.

Our team combines expertise in creativity research, natural language processing (NLP), computational linguistics, and statistical data analysis to devise a scalable system for computerized automated testing.

The result is a creativity quotient (CQ) based on a set of online divergent thinking and problem-solving tests which are scored based on fluency, flexibility, and originality.

With that information on hand, employers now can recruit the best employees for the right teams, better engage and retain employees, and develop leadership and manage skill gaps to gain competitive advantage, maximize productivity, and results.

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