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Our customers say:Creative abilities pay off

  • Up to 85% of their creative employees get promoted within a year
  • Up to 60% of their creative employees solve a major problem for their employer
  • Up to 49% of their creative employees save or generate money for their organization

Creative abilities are the most important soft-skills for the 21st century workforce

Why? Because innovators are problem solvers and affect their organizations’ bottom-line earning.

More companies that foster creativity achieve notable revenue growth when compared with peers. Survey respondents were asked to compare their company's 2013 revenue performance against 2012, and 40% said their revenues grew by 10% or more. The majority of this group (58%) said they foster creativity across their companies.

58% grew 0 – 10%
Companies that foster creativity (in group)
40% grew > 10%
A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adobe, May 2014 (base: 223 creative software decision‑makers)

What we do

SparcIt is an NSF-funded technology and creativity company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Based on over 50 years of psychological research, SparcIt has developed the first-ever automated platform to accurately assess and categorize an individual or teams' creative thinking abilities. Some are divergent thinkers and generate many ideas, other have the knack to focus on very original ones.

Employers can now measure and help enhance employees and teams' creative power through an easy to use online platform. They gain access to an accurate and versatile creativity quotient (CQ) to recruit and train employees, to form teams with appropriate, balanced skill sets. Increased engagement, improved retention, and enhanced leadership skills all result in a successful organization.

  • Development & EnhancementExercises proven to enhance the creative thinking ability
  • Analytics & BenchmarkIn-depth analytics using metrics such as fluency, flexibility & originality
  • Testing & AssessmentCreative and divergent thinking assessments using semantic-based network
  • Technology & EnginePsychometric automated engine designed to measure creative thinking ability
  • Fast, Accurate, ReliableAccurate and reliable results in as low as 10 seconds
  • Enterprises & UniversitiesClients in both enterprise and education sectors
Long interview process performed by psychologistsShort assessment (~10 min)
Expensive — up to $200 per assessmentInexpensive — as little as $1 per assessment
Primarily performed on executivesApplicable to all levels
Unrealistic and inconsistentReliable and validated assessment. Defensible in the court of law

Who uses our product?

  • Recruiters
    Value vs. speed: As recruiters, time is always our worst enemy. Our clients, be it internal or external, want the position filled and want it filled yesterday. So, it’s inevitable that we sacrifice value. But with assessments such as SparcIt, we are able to find the innovators for our clients without sacrificing valuable time.
  • Corporate Trainers and Consultants
    Unlike personality assessments, one’s creative thinking abilities can be developed. Using SparcIt’s assessment, we can show to the stakeholders that your training is beneficial and improving the client’s workforce.

What do participants see?

Participants do not see any sort of Likert-scale assessment. They receive open-ended tasks they have to perform.

How one's creative abilities are measured?

SparcIt has adopted the semantics-based psychometric model which was originally designed by J.P Guilford and E.P Torrance. Based on this model, the participants are given open-ended exercises and their creative abilities are measured based on four dimensions: Originality, Flexibility, Fluency and Elaboration.

  • Originality
    Novel Thinkers
    Measure of statistical infrequency of responses
  • Flexibility
    Divergent Thinkers
    Number of distinct categories represented
  • Fluency
    Number of unique and relevant responses
  • Elaboration
    Measure of details per each idea


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